Zero Tolerance Rexford KVT Titanium Folding Knife, 3.5", Silver

$ 160.00

The Todd Rexford innovative craftsmanship behind this collaboration with Kershaw fits the excellence expected of Zero Tolerance. Rexford consistently sets the standard for formal EDC as found in the KVT Titanium, an elegant instrument melded into a functional tool. Rexford's passion for metals unique to hunting blades ultimately led him to pursue a degree in engineering, making him a leading expert at the cutting edge of powdered metal design, which allows him to do the impossible. The KVT Titanium holds prolonged edge retention while also remaining easy to sharpen. It sports a futuristic handle to complement the modern looking utility of a drop-point blade. The knife accents both with a rough stonewashed finish that hides scratches, scuffs and fingerprints over prolonged wear. The added niobium and nitrogen to the crucible S35 VN stainless steel resists chipping and exemplifies the 'overbuilt' quality ascribed to every ZT knife that integrates sleek geometry, ergonomics and hard use.

  • Titanium finish with stonewashed accents on crucible S35VN stainless steel handle and modified drop point blade
  • This Zero Tolerance series sets a new standard for 'formal everyday carry'
  • Made with powdered metallurgy steel to strike the ideal Mix between prolonged edge retention and easy re-sharpening
  • Extra solid and secure frame lock System for added safety; handle moves behind blade to lock into position, ensuring the knife stays open during Use
  • Collaborated design with Kershaw and Todd rexford, an industry leader in innovative metallic engineering; the knife's unique design features the smooth KVT ball-bearing opening System