Winkler II Sayoc RnD Axe w/carrier

$ 815.00

The RnD Hawk is a collaboration between edged weapons expert Rafael Kayanan and Daniel Winkler. The R&D Hawk is made with edge awareness, economy of motion and mobility in mind. Designed so that the heaviest area rests at the head, the hawk's full tang is milled to a taper reducing overall weight to an approximate 1 1/2 lbs. The handle features an upward curved end to reinforce grip. The handle is 13 inches long. This R&D Hawk has a Maple handle. Includes felt lined Kydex carrier with rubber belt hanger and bungee retainer.

*Email to customize your Winkler II order if what you need is not in stock.

  • Length:  13.00"
  • Head Width:  5.25"
  • Steel:  80crv2
  • Handle Material:  Green Micarta