Olamic Tactical Gambit Custom with Carbon Fiber, ti-damascus, CPM-S30V blade

$ 795.00

The much anticipated and newest model to the Olamic lineup is the Gambit.  This beautiful rendition has a wealth of unique features starting with the use of ti-damascus inlay and matching clip, blue anodized liners, custom filework and of course the standard beast of a blade in CPM-S30V.  The unusual blade makes for an incredibly comfortable feel in hand and ergonomic blade lay when deployed.  Only 45 Gambit's will be made, all of which are unique.

Model: Gambit (Serge Panchenko design)
Edition: One off
Blade: 3.0" CPM-S30V, two-tone finish
Handle: Carbon fiber, ti-damascus inlay + clip
Blue anodized liners w/ filework
Titanium backspacer

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