Half Face Blades - Crow Scout Junior; s35vn Steel, Burlwood Handle with Red, White & Blue G10 Split & Patriotic Carbon Fiber pins

$ 495.00

Half Face Blades was founded by and driven by Andrew Arrabito Navy SEAL (ret.). Andrew grew up hunting, camping and fishing in the great outdoors. After high school he strived for and achieved the honor to serve in the United States Navy SEAL Teams. During his time in the Seals, Andrew decided to bring the “end user” back to the beginning to learn bladesmithing. He could see there was a real need for useable personalized functional versatile tools. Starting out Andrew has made simplistic blade designs for consumers who demand the finest products to be used in a variety of setting from kitchen knives to special operations tools. Having the real world experience in using cutting devices in super charged action, he knows what will be demanded from his blades. Andrew is bringing the soul of rugged dependable combat knives and tools to the kitchen, hunters, backpackers and the great American workers.

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