Meet Your Maker - Ferrum Forge May 19 2015

Ferrum Forge consists of me, Elliot Williamson, my business partner, Mark Donovan, and my apprentice and brother, Chris Williamson.  Between the three of us we are slowly building the knife company I always dreamed of and at this point we have made hundreds of folding knives and are looking forward to making thousands more as we grow our capabilities and skill sets.

We have no one set method of making knives, my basic philosophy has always been to do what must be done to make the knife I want to make.  Sometimes that means stock removal, sometime you have to get oldschool and pound some hot metal, sometime you have to turn a process over to another shop that can do what you want better than you can.  We use everything and everyone we need to in order to make a great knife.   Most of the time you can take any given knife that comes out of our shop and there will be parts that were waterjet cut, CNC machined, manually machined, hand ground, wire EDM cut, manually turned, Swiss screw machine turned, and hand carved all in the same knife.  Like I said, doing what must be done.

We sell knives direct, through dealers, in person, again whatever it takes and whatever make sense.  It has proven difficult to keep knives in stock on our website or with our dealers, but we are trying to keep up with demand.

BTactical Blades Overview

The folks at Ferrum Forge are doing it right.  They offer innovative designs with top tier materials that are proven time and time again with each new knife offering.  From the Ferox, Fortis, Deuce Redux, Interceptor - their entire pipeline is impressive.  It is this kind of attention to design, detail and what the customer wants and needs make these remarkable knives to own and use.