Meet Your Maker - Doc Shiffer May 06 2015

I started making knives in 2000. I have been lucky enough to have some good makers share their knowledge and experience with me. In the beginning Gary Ford, Dennis Phillips and Alex Daniels were a huge help. More recently Jerome Anders, Matt Lamey, Mel Pardue and Jim Burke have been kind enough to answer questions for me. Along with a host of others along the way. 

I'm currently on the Board of Directors of the Gulf Coast Knife Makers Assn.

I joined the Navy in 1987 as a Corpsman. Served the majority of my enlistment with the Marines at 2nd Division. Did a deployment to Africa and Operation Desert Storm. When I got out I went to Paramedic school and have been one since 1994. Have been a Tactical Medic for 3 different Sheriff Departments. Done some contracting in Afghanistan and am currently teaching Basic and Advanced Medical Skills as a contractor for the US Army. I also rejoined the reserves a couple of years ago and am working with 3rd Force Recon. I just came off activation with them.

Having this background I feel give me a good appreciation
for what it takes to make a good working knife. And has dispelled alot of the ideas of what I thought was important in a knife before.

BTactical Blades Summary

Pride is what comes to mind when holding a Shiffer knife and speaking with Doc himself.  Doc takes great pride in each of his knives in regards to fit, finish and function.  The pride certainly transfers in ownership as you utilize your own Shiffer knife that is capable of any task when a cutting edge is needed.