Meet Your Maker - Sniper Bladeworks May 02 2015

About Sniper Bladeworks

Sniper Bladeworks was formed in 2009 by Lance Abernathy and Jody Muller for the purpose of producing state of the art tactical edged tools and weapons for discerning operators and collectors who stake their lives and reputations on their equipment.

The Team

Lance Abernathy has had an avid interest in knives from the time he was a child when he met and became friends with Al Mar of Al Mar Knives. Lance began designing knives in the early 1990s. He teamed with Jody in 2006 to create high end tactical folders. Lance is a former Law Enforcement Officer with approximately 13 years experience. During this time he worked as a Patrol Officer, a Detective and spent nearly 2 years on a DEA Task Force. Lance served on the SWAT Team for over 11 years as entry, sniper and team leader. Lance routinely draws upon this real life experience in his design craft.

Jody Muller is a trained artist and engraver who made his first knife as an early teenager. He has over twenty years experience in the knife business and has been a full time maker for 9 years. Prior to going full time Jody worked for over a decade as a jeweler, fine engraver and watch maker. Jody's knives have regularly appeared in trade magazines and numerous other publications. His edged creations have won many awards at shows throughout the US.

Sam Jones is a former Law Enforcement Officer with over 10 years of service. Sam also worked as a Sniper, a SWAT team member, a Detective and Patrol Officer. Sam brings a hyper mechanical element to the team and often acts as the fuel that makes the Sniper Bladeworks engine run. In addition Sam handles much of the complex grinding work and along with Jody helps to complete and oversee the fit and finish procedures. From screen doors to broken hearts Sam can fix it.

Andrew Marr came to Sniper Bladeworks in 2011. Andrew is currently a full time Patrol Officer in the KC metro area. Andrew is also a trained welder and spent two years utilizing his skill at the Herndon Carrier Center. In addition, Andrew has a background in metal working and machining.  Andrew is an important part of them team, he is great at getting Sam to “do one more thing” before you leave.

Andy Light and Tony Sasso from Gear Horse both do the amazing anodizing on our knives.

Herb Butzbach has been with us from the start in 2009. He is a retired officer with many years of experience in Patrol and Investigations at the local level and Federal Air Marshall.  He was also a SWAT team leader. He does lots around the shop but has come into his own as Combat Air Brushing our in house master of camouflage.

Kevin Davis is a full time officer with extensive patrol experience.  He is jack of all trades, machining, fit and assembly, just handling everything that needs to be done.  Every shop should have a Kevin just to make it work.

BTactical Blades Summary

Sniper Bladeworks brings innovation and top tier quality into each folder.  Each knife is well thought out, time consuming to build, which ultimately achieves the goal as an everyday work horse.  These are users at the end of the day, which feature the most durable steels in attractive packages.  Use it, abuse it and love it.