Welcome to BTactical Blades July 23 2014

Welcome to BTactical (bē tak-ti-kəl) Blades. With over 20 years of consulting, buying and selling custom knives, we have decided to take our business online. BTactical Blades is committed to outfitting you with the best knives that money can buy. We offer high-end and limited edition knives from US craft bladesmiths and manufacturers such as Bawidamann, Emerson, Pro-Tech, Sniper Blade Works, Winkler Knives II, and many more. If there is a product that you are looking for that you can't find, please contact us and we will do whatever we can to find your blade of choice.  

We are proud and extremely grateful for the public service of Law Enforcement and Military personnel.  Please contact us directly to receive a special discount to those who keep us all safe. If you are part of the  Law Enforcement or Military community, please contact us with your credentials and we will place your special order.

We are excited about this new opportunity, leveraging our relationships in the knife community to bring you the best of the best blades and ensure your needs are met to ultimately become a customer for life.