Meet Your Maker - Ferrum Forge May 19 2015

Ferrum Forge consists of me, Elliot Williamson, my business partner, Mark Donovan, and my apprentice and brother, Chris Williamson.  Between the three of us we are slowly building the knife company I always dreamed of and at this point we have made hundreds of folding knives and are looking forward to making thousands more as we grow our capabilities and skill sets.

We have no one set method of making knives, my basic philosophy has always been to do what must be done to make the knife I want to make.  Sometimes that means stock removal, sometime you have to get oldschool and pound some hot metal, sometime you have to turn a process over to another shop that can do what you want better than you can.  We use everything and everyone we need to in order to make a great knife.   Most of the time you can take any given knife that comes out of our shop and there will be parts that were waterjet cut, CNC machined, manually machined, hand ground, wire EDM cut, manually turned, Swiss screw machine turned, and hand carved all in the same knife.  Like I said, doing what must be done.

We sell knives direct, through dealers, in person, again whatever it takes and whatever make sense.  It has proven difficult to keep knives in stock on our website or with our dealers, but we are trying to keep up with demand.

BTactical Blades Overview

The folks at Ferrum Forge are doing it right.  They offer innovative designs with top tier materials that are proven time and time again with each new knife offering.  From the Ferox, Fortis, Deuce Redux, Interceptor - their entire pipeline is impressive.  It is this kind of attention to design, detail and what the customer wants and needs make these remarkable knives to own and use.


Meet Your Maker - Doc Shiffer May 06 2015

I started making knives in 2000. I have been lucky enough to have some good makers share their knowledge and experience with me. In the beginning Gary Ford, Dennis Phillips and Alex Daniels were a huge help. More recently Jerome Anders, Matt Lamey, Mel Pardue and Jim Burke have been kind enough to answer questions for me. Along with a host of others along the way. 

I'm currently on the Board of Directors of the Gulf Coast Knife Makers Assn.

I joined the Navy in 1987 as a Corpsman. Served the majority of my enlistment with the Marines at 2nd Division. Did a deployment to Africa and Operation Desert Storm. When I got out I went to Paramedic school and have been one since 1994. Have been a Tactical Medic for 3 different Sheriff Departments. Done some contracting in Afghanistan and am currently teaching Basic and Advanced Medical Skills as a contractor for the US Army. I also rejoined the reserves a couple of years ago and am working with 3rd Force Recon. I just came off activation with them.

Having this background I feel give me a good appreciation
for what it takes to make a good working knife. And has dispelled alot of the ideas of what I thought was important in a knife before.

BTactical Blades Summary

Pride is what comes to mind when holding a Shiffer knife and speaking with Doc himself.  Doc takes great pride in each of his knives in regards to fit, finish and function.  The pride certainly transfers in ownership as you utilize your own Shiffer knife that is capable of any task when a cutting edge is needed.

Meet Your Maker - Sniper Bladeworks May 02 2015

About Sniper Bladeworks

Sniper Bladeworks was formed in 2009 by Lance Abernathy and Jody Muller for the purpose of producing state of the art tactical edged tools and weapons for discerning operators and collectors who stake their lives and reputations on their equipment.

The Team

Lance Abernathy has had an avid interest in knives from the time he was a child when he met and became friends with Al Mar of Al Mar Knives. Lance began designing knives in the early 1990s. He teamed with Jody in 2006 to create high end tactical folders. Lance is a former Law Enforcement Officer with approximately 13 years experience. During this time he worked as a Patrol Officer, a Detective and spent nearly 2 years on a DEA Task Force. Lance served on the SWAT Team for over 11 years as entry, sniper and team leader. Lance routinely draws upon this real life experience in his design craft.

Jody Muller is a trained artist and engraver who made his first knife as an early teenager. He has over twenty years experience in the knife business and has been a full time maker for 9 years. Prior to going full time Jody worked for over a decade as a jeweler, fine engraver and watch maker. Jody's knives have regularly appeared in trade magazines and numerous other publications. His edged creations have won many awards at shows throughout the US.

Sam Jones is a former Law Enforcement Officer with over 10 years of service. Sam also worked as a Sniper, a SWAT team member, a Detective and Patrol Officer. Sam brings a hyper mechanical element to the team and often acts as the fuel that makes the Sniper Bladeworks engine run. In addition Sam handles much of the complex grinding work and along with Jody helps to complete and oversee the fit and finish procedures. From screen doors to broken hearts Sam can fix it.

Andrew Marr came to Sniper Bladeworks in 2011. Andrew is currently a full time Patrol Officer in the KC metro area. Andrew is also a trained welder and spent two years utilizing his skill at the Herndon Carrier Center. In addition, Andrew has a background in metal working and machining.  Andrew is an important part of them team, he is great at getting Sam to “do one more thing” before you leave.

Andy Light and Tony Sasso from Gear Horse both do the amazing anodizing on our knives.

Herb Butzbach has been with us from the start in 2009. He is a retired officer with many years of experience in Patrol and Investigations at the local level and Federal Air Marshall.  He was also a SWAT team leader. He does lots around the shop but has come into his own as Combat Air Brushing our in house master of camouflage.

Kevin Davis is a full time officer with extensive patrol experience.  He is jack of all trades, machining, fit and assembly, just handling everything that needs to be done.  Every shop should have a Kevin just to make it work.

BTactical Blades Summary

Sniper Bladeworks brings innovation and top tier quality into each folder.  Each knife is well thought out, time consuming to build, which ultimately achieves the goal as an everyday work horse.  These are users at the end of the day, which feature the most durable steels in attractive packages.  Use it, abuse it and love it.


Meet Your Maker - Winkler II Knives May 02 2015

About Daniel Winkler Master Bladesmith


The history of early America has intrigued me for as long as I can remember. It was this fascination that prompted me to make my first knife in 1975, as part of an effort to authentically outfit myself with the equipment of an 18th century woodsman. Since that time, my interest in history and my desire to make knives have continued to grow.

I became a full time bladesmith in 1988. My inspiration continues to come from frontier America - a time when the equipment a person carried meant sustenance and survival. I strive to be innovative, while maintaining a recognizable style. My goal is to make tools of uncompromising quality that will last a lifetime and survive as heirlooms for future generations. Through my work, I hope to preserve the heritage of utilitarian art and to promote the legacy of America's Founding Fathers.

In recent years I have had the honor of working with Special Forces Teams in the United States Military, as well as Allied Forces from around the world. This involvement prompted the establihment of the Winkler Knives II product line. The knives and axes in the WKII Collection are all custom made in my shop. Rather than being hand forged, however, they are created through the stock removal process. All designs featured in Winkler Knives II are born of Warriors' experience. I aspire to the same standards of excellence in craftsmanship as with my hand forged work.

Thank you for your interest in my work, as well as for your support of custom made cutlery.

BTactical Blades Summary

Winkler knives are nothing but exceptional.  These are best in class blades that when your life depends on it, they perform.  Best in class materials and design drive each blade for a specific mission.  Choose yours with confidence as our Military, Law Enforcement and every day outdoorsmen do.

Know Your Knife September 16 2014

The mission drives the gear and it’s time to get ready - you need a new blade.  With so many custom blade smiths and options on the market it can be as difficult a decision as choosing Sunday Dinner.  That is, unless you are familiar with the chef, ingredients used, and grade of the restaurant.  Some people are okay with fast food; others demand nothing but the finest ingredients.

Steel is the heart of every blade and all are certainly not created equal.  You need to consider strength, wear/rust resistance, durability and how it holds an edge. Before you buy your next safe queen, mission companion, hunting blade, or everyday carry ... you need to consider the steel type and composition.

For most of us, our first knife was a gift from our fathers, a hand me down from our grandfathers or a great deal at a flea market.  Soon, the everyday beater gets beat.  While overuse and blade maintenance is important, it can be less important when buying a quality blade.  Entry level steels are often made in Asia and offer good value but can be flawed.  These blades tend to be softer and require more frequent sharpening. Such steels are 420, 440A, and 440c. 

If you need the best of the best for hard use, deployment, EDC or just enjoy great craftsmanship, you have come to the right place. The best stainless steels come with a cost premium due to their high chromium content.  Additional elements, such as vanadium (see table A), can be added to the steel which can ensure a superior edge and sharpness.  A better edge can also enhance rust resistance.  These high quality steels are ideal for more demanding uses and generally made in the USA.  A few examples are CPM 154, S30V, S35VN, VG-10, cpm3v, 154 CM, 5160, 52-100, and 80CRV2.

Over the next few weeks, we're going to examine each steel, explain their unique characteristics, and show you why they are worth paying a little extra. 

Welcome to BTactical Blades July 23 2014

Welcome to BTactical (bē tak-ti-kəl) Blades. With over 20 years of consulting, buying and selling custom knives, we have decided to take our business online. BTactical Blades is committed to outfitting you with the best knives that money can buy. We offer high-end and limited edition knives from US craft bladesmiths and manufacturers such as Bawidamann, Emerson, Pro-Tech, Sniper Blade Works, Winkler Knives II, and many more. If there is a product that you are looking for that you can't find, please contact us and we will do whatever we can to find your blade of choice.  

We are proud and extremely grateful for the public service of Law Enforcement and Military personnel.  Please contact us directly to receive a special discount to those who keep us all safe. If you are part of the  Law Enforcement or Military community, please contact us with your credentials and we will place your special order.

We are excited about this new opportunity, leveraging our relationships in the knife community to bring you the best of the best blades and ensure your needs are met to ultimately become a customer for life.